Our expertise 

Bolverk XR has a broad expertise in the projects we are able to facilitate. We have helped out as the technical provider in small one-person projects, and we have delivered comprehensive turnkey solutions for major airlines. 

Whether you need a collaborator or a technician, Bolverk XR can fill that role. 

Defining needs

We can help you examine and define where VR technology can bring value to your company. Whether you already know exactly how the new technology can benefit you, or you just have a feeling, we will help figure out how VR training can transform your company. 

Customizing solutions

We have experience developing solutions tailored to meet very specific needs. Reality is detailed and complex – our existence relies on replicating complexity. We work with our clients to ensure near perfect simulation for cabin crew training, ranging from a normal door opening to the way a fire spreads on an aircraft.

Maintaining and improving software

Our data driven approach allows us to efficiently maintain the solutions we deliver. 

Based on a very close cooperation with our customers, software & products are continuously enhanced to their needs.