Bolverk XR is a VR software developer with a dedication to create training content for the airline industry. 

We have a team of developers who have been working with VR simulations since the very first developer kits became available. Bolverk XR has since delivered software to SAS, Thomas Cook and others. 

Trainees and management alike have expressed their satisfaction. Some with pure joy like “This is a way greater way to learn!” and some in a more dry fashion “This is the first fire drill we have had in 35 years where the tools were located in the correct places.”

Bolverk XR is in the midst of revolutionizing the airline training industry.
Our mission is to provide Airlines with a State-of-the-art educational method for critical emergency procedures using the latest VR, AR and MR technologies.

Instructors and Cabin Crew can finally bring real-world scenarios with them on the go for a better, more efficient and fun learning process!